Health matters. A lot.
We are a platform to pioneer truly preventive & emprowering health care (aka longevity). Most importantly, we are here to help you be in better health. For longer.


Our platform brings together expert institutions, doctors and coaches in the pursuit of longevity.

Leading center for longevity-focused functional medicine in Zollikon/Zürich.

Leading BioAge diagnostics provider from the US. Deployed in Bryan Johnson`s Blueprint project.

A high-quality Swiss-made supplement portfolio for personalized use in a convenient format.

Leading medical imaging diagnostics provider in Switzerland.

Leading diagnostics laboratory in Switzerland.

Longevity Physicians

Alexander Sahmel

Leading functional medicine physician

The former hockey national, multiple German champion and European Cup winner now devotes himself to medicine with the same passion and dedication that characterized him as a top athlete. After years of training with Dr. Strunz and Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt, he pursues a functional medicine approach and offers his own blood tuning according to Alexander Sahmel. This in combination with the latest methods and equipment in longevity medicine, such as oxygen therapy or cold therapy.

Andrea Gartenbach, MD

Internal, performance and longevity medicine expert

Andrea Gartenbach is a former elite athlete, specialist in internal medicine, with over 10 years of practical experience in functional medicine, sports and performance medicine, nutritional medicine, and longevity medicine. She completed her medical training in Germany, Switzerland, and the USA, believing in the power of personalized medicine and science. Andrea is co-founder and chief medical officer of Aera Health.

Guido Axmann, MD

Experienced multidisciplinary longevity physician

Guido Axmann is a medical doctor, entrepreneur, and triathlete. After completing his medical studies in Hamburg (UKE), Vienna (AKH), and Berlin (Charité), he specialized in prevention and longevity medicine. Guido serves as a scientific advisor to the German Society for Prevention and Anti-Aging Medicine (GSAAM). As a successful AI-Healthtech entrepreneur, he advises selected European health technology companies in his role as a medical advisor.

Our principles

  • / convenience

    only what get`s done brings impact. Mostly what is convenient get`s done. This is why a convenient user experience is an essential design principle for our platform.

  • / guidance

    longevity science and practice is only emerging and complex. We are certainly no know-alls but we will try our best to guide you along the path of best evidence to a healthier future.

  • / impact

    ultimately, positive health impact created for our clients is what we measure ourselves against and what we base future guidance on.

  • / integrity

    what holds everything together is an unwavering commitment to saying what we do and doing what we say. Always with the interest of our clients as our north star.


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